Artists Statement

While never gifted in the music department, as a young man I was an athlete, specifically gymnastics, track & field, and sailboat racing. The emotional and mental aspects of sports and athletics is what intrigues me. That split second of weightlessness while executing a trick in gymnastics, the feeling of crossing the finish line, or that elation when you cleared the bar in pole vaulting. Those fleeting moments are what I try to capture in my art.

I like to put the focus on the athlete over the sport. Sports and athletics can bring out the best in the human condition, emotions, and behavior. Things like fair play, courage, sacrifice, respect, and even compassion. There is an interesting dichotomy where striving to win, “take no prisoners”, and dominance are balanced with respect, compassion, and fair play.

I want my art to bring out the athlete in all of us. 


"Clearing the bar in the high jump is that point where where upward motion becomes rotation before the downward movement begins. This, and the "U" shape of your position allows you to clear the bar without your center of gravity ever being higher than the bar itself, Ain't physics wonderful".
 "This is that pivotal moment....I need to re-grasp that one bar, completely unseen....a blind move. Trusting muscle memory implicitly.....and not connecting is 100% failure. No second chances, no "mulligans" (to use a golf term). The feeling of relief upon the successful connection is beyond words".

"Catch and Release"

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