art print portrait close up

My end product is a meticulously produced limited edition metal print. One where time is spent to manipulate the RIP software, and fine-tune the color and printer calibrations to produce a masterful, faithful piece of fine art. I have the image printed on hi-gloss polished aluminum. The luminous result is truly unique and is unlike anything a traditional print can produce. The image is infused into the metal surface and will never fade. The surface is scratch resistant and can be hung in a damp environment. The print is ready to hang and needs no frame.

The piece is signed and numbered on the back and a Certificate of Authenticity is generated and included. Once the first print is made and sold, the edition size is fixed and the retail collector price will never be lowered. I do, however, reserve the right to increase the price at any time until the last edition is sold.

Man Portrait Art Print

"Pales by Comparison"        

This painting titled “Pales by Comparison” is an abstract portrait of a young man focusing on one eye, the nose and mouth. I wanted to experiment mixing warm and cool colors, specifically brown tones and blue/gray tones, I have emphasized the eye and mouth with added detail and color.