Why everyone should own art........(any art, but it would be really cool if it was my art)

  • Reason #1 Because people will think you’re sophisticated, intelligent and really cool. Seriously, case in point: There is an apartment in the neighborhood that has a painting immediately visible as soon as you open the front door. (it’s actually one of my pieces, but that’s not the point). The owner says that easily 75% of the time, when someone comes to visit, the first thing they say is a comment (almost always positive) about the artwork.
  • Reason #2  Art will awaken your senses, it will open your mind to possibilities and it will fuel your imagination.
  • Reason #3  Viewing art lets you “step out of time”, allowing you to be present in the moment.
  • Reason #4  Art is a powerful form of expression. It will let you express your individuality and it will represent your beliefs, feelings, hopes, convictions and philosophies.
  • Reason #5  Art will stimulate conversation, dialogue and interchange with your friends and family.

My Art



When I started this journey I was painting architectural details….but I think my long career in the field had appeased me and I just wasn’t feeling it. I started to dabble in people. I was very intrigued by the way a single facial element can tell the whole story. As Mies Van Der Rohe said, “God is in the details”.

The two greatest influences for me are pop art and woodblock prints. I fell in love with the crisp, graphic, colorful boldness of pop art and have always had an interest in woodblock printing because of its simplicity and honesty. There are combined elements from both of these art forms in my work.

I currently have two mediums, digital and mixed media (watercolor, copics, and ink). I usually first do a digital piece and than choose which ones to do an "original", mixed media piece. Currently I'm selling only the digital versions but will soon have originals available. Take it from someone who has worked both traditionally and digitally, all the same elements and processes are involved in both; composition, coloring, blending, sketching, and layering.

My end product is a meticulously produced limited edition metal print. One where time is spent to manipulate the RIP software, and fine-tune the color and printer calibrations to produce a masterful, faithful piece of fine art. I have the image printed on hi-gloss polished aluminum. The luminous result is truly unique and is unlike anything a traditional print can produce. The image is infused into the metal surface and will never fade. The surface is scratch resistant and can be hung in a damp environment. The prints are ready to hang and need no frame.

Each piece is signed and numbered on the back and a Certificate of Authenticity is generated and included. Once the first print is made and sold, the edition size is fixed and the retail collector price will never be lowered. I do, however, reserve the right to increase the price at any time until the last edition is sold.

My Story

Frank Trocino, Artist


At first, I was an architect. I knew I wanted to be an architect from the age of 7 years old. My favorite toys were Lincoln Logs, American Bricks, and an Erector Set….although I did my share of doodling and drawing.

In my architectural practice I did notice that the thing that gave me the most satisfaction was the drawing and presentation part of the design process. I could also see “art” in a beautifully executed set of architectural construction documents.

And then things took a turn…… At the age of 45 I ventured out of architecture and founded an unrelated business. I made some bad decisions and did some stupid things and eventually lost my wife, my house, my business and many friends and associates.

The silver lining was….I had an opportunity for a new beginning. Everything I owned could fit into three suitcases and the sense of freedom was exhilarating. I knew at that time that I wanted to be a full time artist but realized I would have to ease into it.

I accepted an architectural job with a large international firm and shipped off to Saudi Arabia. In some ways, this was a perfect scenario to work at my art….finding a medium, defining a style, and discovering my abilities and my short comings. I say this because life in Saudi Arabia affords you a lot of idle time…..no dating, no movies, no parties, no women, no alcohol, and no recreational activities…..I think you're getting the picture.

After four years in the sand box, I was finally ready to come back home and I landed in Portland Oregon and then to Austin Texas which brings me to my present situation.