GALLERY 1  Come A little Bit Closer

This gallery is all about people. It is my interpretation of portraiture. These are available as limited edition metal prints. These artworks are a combination of photo manipulation and painting.The prints are wet signed, numbered, and include a certificate of authenticity. You can view larger images by clicking on the thumbnails below. The pieces may be purchased directly from the enlarged image page or by clicking on "Store" from the menu at the top of each page.
























"Jack and Jill"

 "Pales by Comparison"


 "I Can See Clearly Now"


"Can You See Me Now?"




"Bring on the Bling"

"Turmoil Revisited"

"Weather Beaten"

"Words That Weep, Tears That Speak"


"Adjustable Brassiere"

"Hindsight at 20/20"

"Three Quarter Frontal"

"Strong and Silent"

"I've Seen Some Things"

"Colored People"


"Vampire's Delight"