GALLERY 2   Minestrone 

This gallery is all about food. These artworks are a combination of photo manipulation and painting. The amount of each varies from piece to piece, but on averaget the result is 40% photo manipulation and 60% painting.The prints are wet signed, numbered, and include a certificate of authenticity.You can view larger images by clicking on the thumbnails below. The pieces may be purchased directly from the enlarged image page or by clicking "Store" from the menu at the top of each page.

"Attack of the Veggies"

"Wine, Wood and Wallpaper"

"A Balanced Meal"


"An Angel's Kiss in Spring"

"Fruit of the South"


"Soon to be Juice"

"Onion Solo"

"Three Pairs Win the Hand"


"Fruit or Veggie"

"Eat a Peach"

"Three Musketeers"



"Top Carrot"





"Breakfast of Champions"


"Main Ingredient"

"Onion in the Middle"

"Man's Best Friend"

"Slice of Life"

"Senza Labels"

"Yes We Have No Bananas"

"I Will Gladly Pay You On Tuesday"

"Off With Their Heads"

"Trailer Park Four Course"

"Spill the Beans"

"Pizza Pizza"

"Cauliflower Revisited"